Dr. Theran Varulfur

Danoran Tiefling Wilder 6


AC 23
HP 61
Fort/Ref/Will: +7/7/6

Attacks: Rapier +8/1d6

Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Professor of Linguistics.

Feats: Additional Traits, Weapon Finesse, Power Channeler, Martial Scientist

Planned Feat at 7th (delay until 8): Expanded Knowledge: Telekinetic Force

Appears half-elven with pale skin. Black hair and yellowish green eyes. Features are slightly animalistic.


Dr. Theran Varulfur is professor at the Danoran War Academy on sabbatical to the RHC. The Academy is somewhat pleased to be rid of him for a while as Dr. Varulfur’s thesis on combat is somewhat unconventional. As most professors, Dr. Varulfur views combat as a science and he has studied it intensely, applying behavioral psychology and mathematical algorithms to all types of conflict. Where his theories differ is the way to dispatch a foe. Most theories revolve around weapon use, combining steel and skill to achieve lethal results. Theran is no stranger to that way of thinking, but prefers the application of the mind and latent psychic ability, particularly pyrokinesis, interlaced with finesse based swordplay. Obviously, the problem with this theory is that one must possess psychic ability to apply the principles of the thesis. Theran has spent most of his career exploring methods of achieving this, exploring lost ruins and experimenting on cadavers (and sometimes graduate students) in order to obtain the optimal method of applying mental elightenment. Ultimately, his cursed heritage and deep meditation has allowed him to put into practice his life’s work. Upon completion of his thesis, Theran has become aware of the strange beings encountered in Flint. Could it be possible that the thoughtform beings possess greater psychic ability?

Dr. Theran Varulfur

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